My Professional Days

My name is Woody “The Goose” McWoodruff and I am a retired NFL corner back and I created this blog to share with you the unbelievable stories and experiences of my incredible life under the bright lights. I also want to share a little bit about my profession right now, which is outdoor gooseneck lighting, and outdoor barn lights. I going to tell you a story on how my career began and why in the world I am so obsessed with these damn gooseneck lighting fixtures.

Back in my pro days, there was no greater feeling then when I would walk out onto the field under those huge game lights and the crowd would be screaming and cheering as we took the field. There was one game in particular, where I played against one of the best wide receivers in the league.  I was guarding this guy the whole game and he was getting the best of me. He was beating me so bad that I almost got pulled from the game. We were up by 14 points in the 4th quarter and I almost single-handedly blew the game for my team. Until one play where a deep pass is thrown and the ball went so high in the air, and the stadium lights must have blinded him, and I was able to intercept it and ran it all the way back for a touchdown. I think about that moment all the time, and cant help but owe it to the gooseneck barn lights that were so perfectly angled up above to blind him from the ball.

I now sell barn lights and have created a little video to what launched my career in lighting.

Hope you enjoyed my story and will back again to share with you later.